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Wat zelfstandigen zeggen.

Relevante feedback na samenwerkingen met zelfstandigen en creatieve professionals.


Webdesign voor zelfstandigen en ondernemers

Ellen Bracquiné | Communication Coach for Executives.

Not only does Hélène design the most beautiful websites, they work for the creatives or business behind it in converting website visitors to future clients. Collaborating with her on Elena’s website was a pleasure – Hélène knows what she does, gives clear advice, and always has her client’s best interest at heart.

Mark de Haan, MBA | Counselor & Coach Le Coq Coaching.

I am so thrilled with the result! My website has become me. Mind blowing. Hélène has the ability to translate your soul into a website. I have never seen this before. In a humble and intelligent way, she guides you though the whole creative process.

She is very conscientious and ambitious (in a good sense), it’s clear that she wants to get ahead in the world of webdesign and visual storytelling. But at the end of the day, the proof is in the pudding, and the pudding is her work. She knows, and that shows.

She makes use of her intelligence in a humble way, which is often enlightening. She has a multitude of talents. Her artistic background flourishes while she has the ability to listen, to observe and create in a calming, a soothing way.

With Hélène you co-create, and that feels special. Her skill to coordinate the uncoordinated is very innovative. This is of crucial importance for the growth of any business. I could not solely exist on the traditional value creation regimes of product or process innovation. Instead, Helene has the ability to develop and maintain a broader and wider-reaching capability of ‘creating new business’.

Thank You Hélène, for being you.

Nick Clark | Entrepreneur.

The ability of Hélène to listen, interpret, make suggestions, listen again has resulted in her creating a website, which is visually exactly want we wanted – and even more !

She then uses her vast knowledge and technical expertise, to optimise the website “from the back end” with SEO and other tricks that she has up her sleeve.

Our website has become a fresh, invigorating, artistically flow of pictures and texts – very inviting to the visitor to the website, who is the one that ultimately needs to be impressed and persuaded.

Apart from the fact that we are delighted with the final result of our website, it was an absolute pleasure to spend time working together with Hélène building our website from scratch.

You are a gem Hélène in every sense of the word – thank you so much or Matur Suksma as they say in Balinese.

Neville Mars | Mars Architects.

“Hélène immediately understood what I wanted to convey with the Metro Java 2045 project in a process in which I had to move quickly for an international presentation for the Indonesian Ministry of Transport. The result is a clear and accessible website which presents itself well to my audience, which puts my important graphics in the right light and which I can also manage very easily myself. Exactly as I had hoped it to be! A flawless, professional collaboration, which I am very happy to repeat for one of my upcoming projects. Looking forward to that! Thank you, Hélène.”

Webdesign voor
creatieve professionals.

Elena Lin | Choreographer, dancer, teacher.

I’m Elena Lin. Choreographer, performer and educator. I feel very fortunate, that I had this opportunity to meet Hélène Mulder. An excellent webdesigner, storyteller and wonderful human being. Observing her, while creating my 2 websites, was one incredible journey, full of new ideas and excitements, composing the images, videos and texts and much, much more. Hélène is highly professional in her field and her unique ability to listen and co-create with the client in her authentic way was astonishing. This experience brought us together, completing 2 authentic, beautifully created websites! Thank you Hélène, for this wonderful journey!

Karen Maenhout | Illustrator. Paper engineer.

Hélène Mulder made my website into a design that is completely tailored to my needs. Because of her in-depth knowledge of SEO and her ability to share this information in a comprehensible way, I can now independently continue with my blog posts and the associated SEO issues. She understood my needs and wishes as an artist and maintained my own tone of voice during the design process. It was a pleasure to work with Hélène.

Imke den Hartog | Flower reader. Spiritual Coach.

“I work very intuitively with flowers, write poems and give flowerreading workshops. I was looking for a web designer who could understand my language of creation in such a way, that she was able to translate the intangible of my work into images. Finally I succeeded, Hélène Mulder managed to do this in a very artistic and creative way. Colourful, light, feminine and full of flowers. I am very proud of the beautiful result, in which I clearly recognise myself. I really enjoyed working with Helene. She knows how to guide the process in a clear way. If you have a creative profession that you want to portray authentically, I can definitely recommend Hélène!

Korte film voor
creatieve professionals.

Eveline Stauffer | Painter. Switzerland.

Working with Hélène Mulder was very rewarding in every way. For the first time, Creators Chambers produced a visual story remotely. My husband, photographer Peter Christensen, and I filmed many sequences. Hélène directed and edited everything into a film. The way she guided and directed us was impressive. It quickly became clear that Hélène knows where she wants to go, which was very helpful in the realisation. Nevertheless, she left us a certain amount of freedom, which was important for our creativity.

I always felt that Hélène had a very good sense of how to present me and my work on film. Her incredible curiosity about artists and their work is great. What a valuable job Creators Chambers does in shining a light on artists! And Hélène does this with incredible joy and humour!

Hélène’s experience as a storyteller, filmmaker and creative was valuable and we were able to learn a lot. I am very happy with the result! It shows an honest and authentic picture of me and my work as a visual artist.

Eleanor Herbosch | Painter and potter. Antwerp.

“Working with Helene and Creators Chambers was very easy from the beginning, both of us understood very well which message was meant to be translated from the job that I do. She gave me the confidence enough for feeling free during my work and I forget that someone was recording me. I am very pleased with the result and I hope that people would be able now to know what a fashion conservator does in any musuem in the world.”

Kosi Hidama | Potter Axel Vervoordt + private label. Brussels.

“It is probably one of the most typical things to say as an artist but it is true that lots of creators are not good in words. As a potter I often work alone. Wedging clay, throwing it on the potters wheel, trimming, glazing, loading the dried works in the kiln and finally firing. All those process I do it totally alone most of time. There are a lot of dialogues between I and the materials or the tools in those processes. There is so much depth in each of those dialogues. I keep finding new meaningful things endlessly from them.

And I think that there is no need to explain about the dialogues to anyone. Because I believe that my work itself will contain and somehow imply all those memories of the process on its presence. And that’s enough, I believe. On top of that very simply I just don’t know how to translate the “language” I use for the dialogues.

However my belief or excuse is I still understand that usually people won’t be able to read much of the memories simply by looking at the work. And it must be interesting for them to see a bit deeper than what they think they see. At this point I feel that the necessity of a mediator to help the translation of the dialogues.

And here she comes. Hélène comes up with her natural curiosity and the skill of clearfying with words which would help for the translation. In my case during the interview her questions made my thoughts so clear in words surprisingly. I think that’s not only because of her considerable questions but also her passion you feel during the session. You feel her curiosity towards your work. And after a while you would also sense that she wants to create a better situation for the creators in the society. And you feel that she loves what she does. She is a creator herself, too, in the end.

It is fantastic idea to have a good community of creators to inspire and to support eachother. And I’m sure that Hélène‘s creativity and the website of Creators Chambers could do something about it and bring people to better understanding to our work.”

Elena Lin | Choregrapher, dancer en teacher. Antwerp.

Creating with Hélène Mulder was a wonderful journey. She is a highly-skilled storyteller, cameraman, poet, photographer and designer.

Her talent to communicate and create with others, knowing how to listen and when to take action is remarkable. Hélène’s capability to bring the best in others is always present. Working with such a talented artist and beautiful human being was truly a blessing moment in my life.

Therefore, are many new projects to come in this wonderful, harmonious collaboration. Thank you, Hélène.

Deborah Kiwi | Show Designer & maker. Tel Aviv.

Working with Hélène, I had a genuine and professional experience. Even under the difficult circumstances of lockdowns and long distance, it was easy to see Hélène put her whole heart into my project. She was patient, very attentive, and the final result is a reflection of that.


César Rodriguez Salinas | Fashion & Textile Conservator, KunstMuseum Den Haag

“Working with Helene and Creators Chambers was very easy from the beginning, both of us understood very well which message was meant to be translated from the job that I do. She gave me the confidence enough for feeling free during my work and I forget that someone was recording me. I am very pleased with the result and I hope that people would be able now to know what a fashion conservator does in any musuem in the world.”